Wednesday, 24 April 2019


Toddlers are so much fun aren't they? Little tantrums over absolutely nothing. Dominic was never really that bad from what I can remember, but Lily is a little diva. Here a few reasons why she gets angry with me.

I wouldn't let her have 2 packets of crisps at once.

I sold her highchair.

It was bedtime.

She didn't want to be tucked in.

Dominic turned the TV off when it was her turn to do it. 

Her slipper wouldn't go on.

I chose the wrong top.

She walked into the table.

Her sticker chart was full. 

She couldn't have my phone to phone people.

I arranged her teddies wrong on her bed.

I gave her a pillow.

I needed the toilet.

She had to sit in her car seat.

Her chocolate melted.

I wouldn't let her jump off the sofa onto a foot stool.
She had to go downstairs.

She threw her teddy and now can't find it.

She couldn't drink my hot coffee.

She wasn't allowed to draw on my uni work.

I'm sure there are more but that's all I can think of right now. She's definitely a little diva and I love her even more for it! She knows her own mind and is going to be very independent when she gets older. I think we are in for some trouble with her haha.

Has your toddler ever got angry at you for a silly reason? 

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