Wednesday, 17 April 2019


Packing the hospital bags is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy for me. It makes it feel more real and that the baby will be arriving soon. 

This time has been more emotional for me as it's the last time I'm going to be doing it.
So let's dive in!

My bag is just an old beach bag we've had for ages. I chose this one as it's big enough for what I need to take without being massive to carry.

Inside I have: 

Comfy clothes for coming home in. These will also double as pyjamas in case I have to stay in for longer than expected. With Dominic and Lily I was out the same day, so I'm hoping for a repeat haha. I will also have whatever I go in wearing as well for backup.

A lightweight dressing gown. I don't remember if I took one before but I've decided to pack one this time in case I want to feel a bit more comfortable. Hospitals do tend to be warm though, so not a necessity. 

My slippers will be going in last minute. Again, it's a comfort thing.

A brand new pack of big, black pants. You can never have too many pairs after giving birth! 

A little wash bag with a few bits in. This one was actually part of a body spray gift set. In here I just have a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, face wipes, dry shampoo and breast pads. I will also throw in a hairclip just to clip the front of my hair back. 

Maternity pads, which I'm pretty sure the hospital will provide but I like to take my own just in case.

Last minute items will be phone, camera, chargers, hairbrush, deodorant and my notes. 

Baby's bag is from Aldi when they had their last baby event. You can find a similar one here.*

In baby girls bag we have packed:

Nappies and wipes. Again, I believe these are provided but I just like to take my own just in case.

I've got 3 muslin cloths. Not sure why I have 3, I just grabbed a few out of the drawer haha. These are also from Aldi.

Her Swan Blanket Teddy with her name on. I want to take this mainly for her first "Welcome to the world" photo. I took a teddy for both of the other 2 as well. 

Clothes wise we have packed 2 different sizes and 2 outfits for each size. You never know how big your baby will be and it's nice to have choices. 

We packed these new born vests and grows. The Elephant Print Grow is from Next. The Pink Spotty Grow and Both Vests are from Asda. 

Then these vests and grows are in the size up to 1 month. The Bright Floral Print Grow, Pastel Floral Print Grow and Rainbow Vest are from Next and the Unicorn Vest is from Tesco.

We will also have a blanket for her, but I haven't decided which one yet as we have so many haha.
That's all we have packed for baby girl. My birth centre I'm going to provide the formula milk, so I don't need to take that. Definitely check with wherever you're giving birth to see what they provide and what you need to take. Everywhere is different. 

I'm hoping I haven't forgotten anything, but we don't live to far away so Simon can pop back if necessary. Again, I'm planning on being out the same day, however I know you can never tell what will happen. 

Now the bags are packed, all we need is baby girl! We have, roughly, 5 weeks left and I can't wait for her to get here!

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