Sunday, 19 May 2019


I really didn't think I would be writing this post haha. I honestly thought baby girl would be here by now, but she's being stubborn like her sister. We have hit the 40 week mark for our last pregnancy and it has been a struggle recently. 

I have been having so many pains, especially at night. Rolling over has been almost impossible. Sharp pains have caused me to lose sleep and not be able to move. It lasts for a little while in the morning too. It's like when your muscles have just seized up and you need to stretch them and get them going again. I know its just the SPD and as soon as she comes it won't be so bad, but it has definitely taken it's toll on my mental health.

I am happy to say, however, that the heartburn has gone! *Does a celebration dance* That has been something throughout this whole pregnancy that has made me not enjoy it. I was getting it every night to the point where I had to stand up for a while or sleep sitting up. Not comfy at all! The fact that it has gone is amazing. 

Braxton hicks contractions have been major the last few weeks. I have been getting them every few days and keep thinking maybe it's labour. You would think, being my third, I would know when it's labour but every little twinge gets me wondering. 

Baby girls movements have slowed a little bit. Not enough to be concerned. I'm still getting the amount of kicks I should be, but she is definitely slowing down. Whether that's because she is out of room or because it's nearly time I don't know. 

We are officially ready for her arrival though. The bedroom is finally sorted and we have a new bed and plenty of space for her. The rest of the house is just a case of sort when we can haha. 

This is the last blog post from me before she comes. I have been struggling the last few weeks with everything that I needed to do before she came. Now it's time for me to rest, relax and not worry about what I have to do and when I need to do it. So, the next post will be my labour and delivery story with pictures of baby girl! 

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