Sunday, 5 May 2019


Finding things for the kids to do when you are at home can be tricky. It can be difficult to think up new and exciting activities. Here I have found 5 activities that I think are great for kids, very easy to do and won't cost a fortune.

Please Note: This post contains gifted items. I have not been paid to talk about them or feature them. All opinions are my own.

Ice Play

This one is so easy to do. All you need is a tub, some toys, water and a freezer. Pop the toys into the pot and cover with plenty of water. They need to be as covered as possible. Then put it into the freezer for a couple of days to make sure it is fully frozen. Toy hammers are great to break the ice and rescue the toys. We didn't have any so just used spoons. They work just as well.

This activity is great for their problem solving skills as they need to work out how to free the toys. It can also be good to get them talking about texture and temperature. It can be done inside or outside depending on the weather. If you want to do it inside make sure you have a tray to put the ice in.

Cereal Threading

Another very easy activity. Grab some string or wool and some Cheerio's and get the kids threading! For this one I would also recommend putting some cellotape around the end of the string/wool. This just makes it easier for your little ones to thread it through. 

This activity is great for fine motor skills and, also, their maths skills. You can count how many Cheerio's you can fit on the string.

Patio Chalk

I found these big chalks in Poundland last summer and we have loved them. It's so much fun getting outside and doing one of our favourite things...drawing. The best part is, it just washes away and then you can start all over. 

This activity is really good for developing their grip. Dominic has struggled in the past with holding pens correctly and any activity like this has helped him learn the correct way to hold it. It is also great for their art and communication skills, as they can talk about what they are drawing and what colours they are using.

Gelli Slime (Gifted item)

This was so much fun to try out. A lot easier than making slime from scratch. We made ours in our little paddling pool and the kids had a great time helping me to mix it up. They spent ages outside playing with it and I think they would have stayed out all night if I had let them! 

Another great activity for developing their knowledge of texture. Dominic was able to tell me about slime and how snails leave a slimy trail behind them. I found this was good for Lily as she has never been one to play with things this, but the glitter inside it made it more exciting for her.

For more information on Gelli Slime and where to purchase, click here!

Paper Aeroplanes

This one is so simple and I'm sure everyone knows what they are haha. I'm not that great at making them though but I gave it a go. We also had some of the foam aeroplanes that you fit together. Again, I bought them in Poundland last year. The kids love flying their aeroplanes round and seeing who's goes furthest. 

This activity can be linked to maths. You can measure how far they go and talk about how aeroplanes fly. You could also get your child to decorate their aeroplane, helping them to develop their creativity skills.

There you have it! 5 very easy activities you can do at home. They all help with a child's learning and development whilst being fun.

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