Thursday, 30 May 2019


This is the official blog announcement for the birth of Aria Poppy!! 

She finally made her appearance 9 days late on the 26th May at 12:45pm. She weighed 7lbs 6.5 ounces. The birth was very quick, so I thought I would share it with you.

I'll start with the day I had my first sweep, Wednesday 22nd May. I was 5 days overdue at this point and feeling very fed up. I had the sweep and the midwife booked me in to be induced the following Wednesday if nothing happened. I went home and had some minor cramping but nothing major. I didn't think it had worked at all. 

Fast forward to Friday 24th May and I lost my mucus plug. I knew this didn't mean labour was happening imminently, but it was a step in the right direction. The midwife did say I could phone for another sweep on the Saturday if I wanted to, so I did.

I went in at 4:30pm for the sweep and the midwife said she could feel the head and Aria was really low. She didn't promise anything, but said she didn't think I would need inducing and baby would be here before that. I didn't believe her haha. I think I had officially given up at this point. 

It got to 9:30 pm and I started having contractions that were 10 minutes apart. They weren't very strong at all, so I tried to just relax. I messaged my Mum, as she was going to be looking after Dominic and Lily, and she came over at about 11. By midnight they had stopped. My Mum went home and I went to bed to get some sleep just in case. 

I woke up at 7am with more contractions. They started 10 mins apart but, again, weren't very strong. I waited about an hour and they started getting closer together. I knew labour had started so my Mum came back over and picked up the kids. I had some breakfast and rang the birth centre. They said to labour at home and phone when I wanted to go in. By 9:30am the contractions were 3 minutes apart but still not very strong. I decided to go in and see if they could check what was happening.

We got to hospital at 10am and they checked me. I was 2cm! That was it! I was hoping I would be further along as I was 2cm at the sweep the day before. They said to go for a walk and try get things moving along.

We decided to pop to the Tesco close by and get something to eat. I was sat in the café, timing my contractions. I felt really embarrassed sitting there in pain haha. The contractions were 5 minutes apart when sat down, but about 2 minutes apart when we were walking around. I think we were out for an hour before I decided I wanted to go back to the hospital. The contractions were getting stronger and I was really struggling to walk around. 

We were back at hospital by 11:15. The midwife suggested a bath as this can either slow down the contractions or speed them up. Oh it sped them up alright haha. I was only in the bath for about 15 minutes before getting out. I think it was about 12ish by this point, but I'm not sure. 

This is where it gets quick!

At 12:15 the midwife checked me and I was 8cm! I had gone from 2cm-8cm in 2 hours! No wonder I was struggling to walk! By 12:30 I was feeling the need to push and then at 12:45 out popped little Aria!  

She came out so quick I had a 2nd degree tear and grazes. I wasn't surprised by the tear as I had that with the other 2 as well. I've never had grazes before, but she did fly out haha.

How are we doing?

We are 5 days in now and I'm still a bit sore and get achey if I do too much or sit for too long. I'm trying to find the right balance and keep on top of painkillers. My bleeding has slowed down a bit and I'm not panicking so much about it. Emotionally, I'm doing ok. No random tears or outbursts.

Aria is doing so well. She's just started taking 2-3 ounces, every few hours. She sleeps ok and we have a system of Simon having her downstairs until about 1am so I can get a few hours sleep. I then take over when he brings her up and sleep on and off the rest of the night. It's working well for us so far. 

She has settled into our family amazingly and the kids both love her. They are so helpful. We have to keep a bit of an eye on Lily. She tries to pick her up sometimes and her cuddles can be a bit squeezy haha. However, she is so loving and checks on Aria if she makes a noise. 

I hope that wasn't to long and made sense haha. I tried to remember as much as I could and don't think I missed anything out. I will continue to post updates on how we are doing.

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