Friday, 19 July 2019


 As it is nearly the end of Dominic's first school year, I thought I would re-share the post I wrote before he started. I originally wrote this over on my old blog and the pictures didn't transfer properly, so I've popped in some other ones. I have also added extra bits, these are in red.

Dear Dominic

Today's the day you start your next phase of life. It's time for school.

I will probably cry when I leave you at the gate. (I did haha). I'm not sad though don't worry. Just thinking back over the last 5 years. How fast it has gone. How big you have grown. What an amazing little man you have become. 

When I found out I was going to have you, I was scared. How was I supposed to raise this little thing? Teach him what he needs to know? How could I make sure he was growing up happy? Honestly, I had nothing to worry about.

As soon as you entered the world it's like it all clicked into place. There you were, a crying, beautiful little baby boy. You fit into our routine perfectly. Always wanting to be cuddled and played with. Food was your one true love though haha.

Teaching you the ways of life has been so much fun. You've picked things up so quickly and always correct me if you think I'm wrong. You have an amazing little personality and I wouldn't change a thing about you. 

Being your Mummy is the best thing in the world. You may make me cross sometimes, but your smile, laugh and cuddles always make it better.

You have been the best big brother to Lily (and now Aria) as we knew you would be. Always looking out for her (them) and showing her (them) the ways of life. I always wanted you two (now 3) to be best friends and seeing you (all) together, I know my wish came true. The love you show for your little sister(s) is beautiful and I'm so proud of how you adjusted to having her here. (and again with Aria.)

I know school looks scary but it really isn't that bad. You will meet new people and have so much fun. I know you are going to thrive there and learn all the things I can't teach you. 

I am proud of you every single day and I always will be.

So go through that gate, make loads of friends and keep being my happy, amazing little man.

Love Mummy


I hope you enjoyed this post looking back at my feelings before Dominic started school. I am tempted to do another one similar for the end of the year. How we both felt about how it all went and how he feels about the year ahead. We shall see haha.

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